Two of Rainie Yang’s new songs were written by boyfriend Li Ronghao

Yahoo News: Satisfied with boyfriend producing “Traces of Time in Love”


Rainie Yang held a meet and greet for her latest album “Traces of Time in Love”, revealing that two of the songs in her album were written by Li Ronghao.
– She complimented that he came fully prepared to recording, and that she would still listen his opinions when their viewpoints differed on recording
– “It’s a very interesting relationship, one in which the producer incorporates feedback from the singer.”
– She mentioned that Ronghao’s creations were hard to sing, particularly when listening to his demo, “I felt that I wanted to surpass it.”
– “I trusted in his production and “had a very comfortable singing”.

Rainie greatly supports the homosexual movement and portrayed a lesbian in one of her music videos.
– She felt that as an actor, the greatest source of happiness would be to depict all the various aspects of human life
– “This kind of life existed to begin with, and it’s my honor to act it out”


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