“Guaishushu is Coming” features JY Park, Jackson, Fei, and Chinese trainee Yu Zeyu

QQ: The JYP family comes to play in “Guai Shushu is Coming” 


“Guaishushu is Coming” is the first “road style audition” show to be broadcasted in China. It combines “traveling and auditioning”, to be led by J.Y. Park, experienced manager Liu Miao, Got7’s Jackson, MissA’s Fei and trainee Yu Zeyu.

The show is one dream, two cars, three scouts traveling through four thousand kilometers, made of five members, holding six audition shows, and going through seven cities to form a massive treasure hunt throughout the country.
– They will be traveling through many historical cities as well to admire the view and find the future boy group


Amongst the many cute moments of the show, Yu Zeyu is treated as a human dumbbell to show off proper exercise technique, with Fei lifting milk bottles to show that she is no pushover either.

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