“Two uglies” Li Yifeng and William Chan take a trip to Japan

Sina: Two uglies? William Chan and Li Yifeng reunite in Japan


William Chan and Li Yifeng became great friends due to filming “Swords of Legends”.
– The two of them showed off on Weibo pictures of them hanging out on the streets of Japan yesterday
– The two of them had coordinated their clothing in the pictures, and the black and white clothing offset each other nicely
– They actually seemed to be a cute couple as they vied for the camera in their street shots



“Senior brother” William Chan posted a picture on Weibo first, captioning it “Two”.
– Li Yifeng also posted a shot afterwards and said, “Uglies”.
– The back and forth banter made fans rise up and say, “Are you announcing your relationship?”
– Some even laughed that “you two uglies are showing off your love!”

Cnetz join in below: 

[+11,043] Showing off your love with Fengfeng? Alright then[微笑]

[+4,645] Hubby!! Looking good!

[+2,647] [哆啦A梦微笑] How should I compliment you guys!

[+2,266] Forever 18 brother William~~~~ You’ve finally updated your Weibo [二哈][二哈][二哈][二哈]

[+1,969] I want the guy in white, you come here

[+3,851] William Chan wives like my comment! I want to take a count

[+3,711] The cutie on the right is the most handsome🤗

[+3,191] Ahhhhhh it’s only been a few days, but you’re 18 again William! [舔屏][舔屏][舔屏]


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  • nutella

    aww cuties <333

  • Qiyue

    hehe, so cute!!~ <3