Khalil Fong, Zion.T, and Crush’s new song is addicting

ET Today: Khalil Fong, Zion.T, and Crush’s new song is super addicting! Chinese, English, and Korean netizens are stunned


Khalil Fong’s new song “Taste” invited Zion. T and Crush to collaborate with him, with the MV being released on Oct. 13.
– Prior to collaborating, the three actually already admired each other’s music, but due to being short on time when the two arrived in Hong Kong to film, Khalil Fong could only take them to the convenience store downstairs to buy some snacks
– Zion.T happily said that he was “good convenience store friends with Khalil Fong”
– He kept saying that they had similar personalities
– Since the song dropped a few days ago, netizens were amazed and said that this combination is “too strong!”

Before the three worked together, they had once expressed mutual admiration during media interviews and social media posting.
– Crush is even Instagram friends with Khalil Fong, and the two use the app to communicate regularly
– When Crush visited Hong Kong once, Khalil Fong invited him to visit his recording studio. Crush then introduced Khalil Fong to Zion.T
– The first time Zion.T heard Khalil Fong’s music, he exclaimed, “‘Wow! This is too good! Khalil Fong is something with a lot of music talent, and his music has had a great influence on Crush as well.”
– When the three sang together in “Taste”, netizens remarked that their voices sounded similar, “It’s Khalil Fong + Korean version of Khalil Fong + Korean version of David Tao!”

“Taste” by Khalil Fong, Zion.T, and Crush

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