Nic Li suspected of being friends with benefits with a netizen

QQ: Netizen says did it multiple times with “L” celebrity, suspicions heavy for Nic Li


A netizen revealed on Oct. 12 that she had “done it” multiple times with a married male celebrity, with other netizens pointing suspicion at emcee Nic Li.

According to texts this netizen sent to her friends:

I want to talk about my story with a certain celebrity… please hold your horses. He has seven million fans on Weibo and is a celebrity with some popularity. He has a wife and child, and a very happy family. I’m sending this only because I want to record a secret I don’t dare talk about. I was traveling then and he said hi to me on [Chinese social app]. I saw that his account was tied to his Weibo and so chatted with him for a while before meeting up with him. I went to the hotel he was staying at, he’s so much better looking than in pictures! He has great skin and doesn’t look like someone of his age at all. When I went into the bathroom, I saw that it was filled with skincare products. He was more particular than a woman… we did it after I took a shower. He was really on guard and afraid I would use my cell phone to take pictures of him, so he confiscated his phone. I wasn’t that bored, alright.

How should I describe him down there? Not thick, but particularly long. Thin and long, you understand. He held me for a while after we finished and spoke for a little, then said he was leaving. Leaving right after he did it? What the heck? We added each other’s WeChat afterwards and met up in Shenzhen and Beijing. I guess we’re secret f*ck buddies.

She then later sent more texts:

I’m talking about this kind of because I want to get revenge, because after he met up with me, he only responded with one or two words and only talked to me when he wanted to meet up. He was always on his guard against me, like I was a thief! I wouldn’t have said anything if he treated me as a friend, but he still really didn’t trust me after meeting up with me, and kept asking me what I wanted. Wtf, I’m still subjected to scrutiny after being screwed? I won’t stand for this treatment!

Last month it was revealed by others that he had f*ck buddies. His wife’s Weibo stopped updating since. He’s probably in a hot mess lately. To think that he pretended on Weibo a while ago to be such a good man. Men. They’re all the same.

You can send this text as well. I didn’t think there’d be so many responses so quickly. There are even people saying that I’m purposefully hating on him in posting on all sorts of sites. I’ve only sent this twice. Once to you and once to Chen Mo.

As for why Nic Li fulfills the criteria:

Nic Li has almost 7 million followers on Weibo and got married in 2008, becoming a dad in 2014.
– This identity, number of fans, and other details are all a match
– The last time his wife updated Weibo was September 28, which also seems to match the texts
– He has yet to respond officially


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,965] I know who! A L surname is 100% Liu Neng!

[+2,524] Heh please, you’re f*ck buddies and you want him to keep in contact often? He has to hold long conversations with you as well? You’re revealing all this because of that small thing, no wonder he’s on his guard against you. It looks like just being a f*ck buddy isn’t what you want

[+2,279] And you think you’re so much prettier or more elegant than his wife? He thinks you’re dirty!

[+1,968] Men are all the same. Yep, true, so are women!

[+1,707] This woman isn’t anything good either, doing it as soon as they meet up. She doesn’t respect or love herself. Don’t jump out because you’re a professional f*ck buddy, just left when you’re done! This kind of woman is the scariest. Let me tell you something, there’s only one wife, but there can be many f*ck buddies. You put yourself in that category and want the man to take responsibility?

[+618] And I thought it was Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend~ I was thinking they’re not married and don’t have kids~~~ What kind of celebrity is this emcee?

[+723] The whole point of this was… long and thin…

[+524] You yourself said you’re f*ck buddies, and now you’re revealing all this to wreck their family. They have a lot of pressure at work and so need a place to vent 😂


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