Wakin Chau and Mayday sing each other’s songs at Wakin’s concert

ET Today: Wakin invites Mayday to guest through Facebook! Uniting to perform classic songs from 17 years ago


“Nation King of Songs” Wakin Chau celebrates his 30th debut anniversary this year, and is holding an exclusive concert celebrating this anniversary in the Taipei Arena on October. 19.
– A strong guest list of Jonathan Lee, Richie Ren, Mayday, and Tracy Su will be performing
– Mayday and Wakin will be taking on the challenge of performing each other’s classic songs


Wakin’s handwritten letter to Jonathan Lee.

Because Wakin had been busy with his world tour starting from last year, and that the Taipei Arena is a popular venue for concerts, he could only choose to hold his concert on a weekday.
– But as the only anniversary concert in the world, he even hand wrote a lengthy letter to invite Jonathan Lee to guest perform at his concert
– He wrote on Facebook that he would be playing the guitar and taking on the challenge of Mayday’s Taiwanese song “Peter and Mary”, and then asked, “So which of my songs will you be challenging me with?”
– Mayday responded on their Facebook the next day that they will definitely take up this challenge, but is still keeping their song selection a secret
– Staff members have said that they will be taking their pick from Wakin’s newest album

Due to the scarcity of tickets for this concert, many scalpers and websites have blown up ticket prices.
– VIP areas originally sold for NTD3,600 (~USD 120) have now been raised to NTD25,500 (~USD850), infuriating many fans
– Wakin had previously expressed that he was willing to not sell tickets for money in order to keep ticket prices low, and that to combat the high prices, he will be broadcasting the concert for 30 minutes on YouTube the day of

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