Zhao Liying feels no shame for her humble origins

QQ: Zhao Liying professes her origins from a farming village and doesn’t mind the looks of others


Zhao Liying was recently a guest on “Jin Xing Show” and chatted about the path to her debut, ideal type, and the fact that she came from a farming village.
– She chatted openly about her origins and recalled the happy times of her youth, indicating that she didn’t mind her birth at all and didn’t understand why people would use it as a basement of judgment of her

She also mentioned that she once auditioned for “New My Fair Princess”, but couldn’t memorize enough of the lines to gain the part of Xiaoyanzi, and couldn’t cry to land the role of Ziwei.

As for her ideal type, she hopes for someone not in the same field of work, taller than 180cm, and knows how to endure the many hardships of life.

Zhao Liying was born of a regular white collar family in Hebei, and decided to take up a regular white collar job after graduating from college.
– Her role in Golden Marriage set her off on her acting career and she soared to prominence after “The Legend of Chasing Fish” and “The Legend of Flower”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+12,080] What’s wrong with a farming village huh? The heck, who hasn’t eaten the produce from farms? Food is the first necessity of the people, and to the people, farms are everything

[+7,285] When I grow old, I’m going to go back to the countryside, have a home next to the mountains and water, keep two dogs, put up a vine rack and plant many fruits. I’ll look at the flowers all over the ground in the spring, sit in a rocking chair in the summer, harvest all the fruit in autumn, and watch the snowflakes dance across the sky in the winter… time to wake up from this dream and go to work!

[+4,403] Many people come from farming villages and no one keeps talking about it. What’s your goal in talking about this everyday, aren’t you vilifying netizens? Look at Wang Baoqiang, Ma Tianyu, and Sun Honglei — they’re all from farming villages but no one talks about this. Everyone likes them a lot. They keep a low profile and remain genuine. So why is it that everyone has a good impression of them but you… (don’t hate me if you don’t like my words)

[+3,075] So what about farming villages? They don’t steal or rob from others but do it all on their own. Supporting Liying!

[+2,090] She speaks with no guile or fakeness. I really like her, go Liying!

[+1,187] When we trace things back three generations, who wasn’t a farmer then?!

[+1,120] I’ve discovered something odd in that those who usually speak well of the countryside life never like to just stay there and live there. They curse at how bad the cities are and stay here to earn money. I really don’t understand that kind of mentality

[+842] Stop talking up your origins! You sound like a corrupt official on trial! It’s either you’re the daughter of a farmer or you have many friends who come from the countryside. Or it’s although my family isn’t a farming family, I still come from the countryside. Don’t think you’re special just because you come from a farming village!

[+394] Ugly and shot, and look at your performance in “Rookie Agent Rogue” — so freaking painful to watch! I don’t even know how to criticize you!

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  • nutella

    She does get a lot of hateful comments bc she is from a small village and doesn’t have a college education, which is ridiculous.
    “As for her ideal type, she hopes for someone not in the same field of work” oh well there goes my ship

    • Qiyue

      I don’t understand the hate T^T She’s so lovely <3

      lol don't give up hope. I am delusional so I'll pretend that never happened or she's just saying it XD

      • nutella

        ohh i like your username <3
        I know! ZLY is such nice girl. I do think cnetz overall criticize everyone.

        • Qiyue

          hehe, thanks! I decided that I needed an actual account to comment on the greatness of William&Liying so I stole their ship name XD <3

          And that's true 🙁 well, at least she has her loving fans <3

          • nutella

            I adore them too and Qiyue was so adorable during the drama.

        • cpoplove

          Seriously, I dislike translating cnetz sometimes as they’re rarely positive.

          • nutella

            I have noticed that. I think they are mainly positive when it comes to popular male celebrities bc their fans storm the comments. The good thing about China is that cnetz comments don’t really affect artists in their work. They just need to ignore comments. But sadly then you have cases like Kimi 🙁

  • danny

    I’ve never heard anyone bashing her origin…but I do hate how she ran into tons of problems every time and it’s always the “fans” doing everything to protect and fight for her. Can’t she just come up with good answers for herself? I have never seen fans going so overboard and this far with anyone else than with this girl, but she only had 1 okay drama so far with the Journey of Flower. Maybe that’s why some people shun her, it’s unrealistic.

  • silvermaoh

    ZLY is such an inspiration for hard work

  • Amelia

    Zhao li ying 👍 It’s been a long and hard road for you…So long as you never forget your humble upbringing…Regardless whether they love or hate you..I am 80 years old and you have brought me happiness and enjoyment in my life Thank you Zhao li ying…I even wrote you a letter after going through a life and death situation recently. I wish and hope to see more of your dramas and movies in the future. Once again thank you so much…… By the way I am of Chinese origin and grew up in Hong Kong but now reside in Sydney, Australia

  • Amelia

    Too many people have there own opinion about this and that and they forget how hard she worked to get where she is today…I am 80 years old and also come from a small village like her..There is nothing wrong with coming from such humble origin..keep up the good work👍Zhao li ying and please keep making dramas and movies.. When I was recovering from a life and death situation recently my daughter in law introduced me to you…I have become your greatest fan…Zhao li ying is inspiring to the less fortunate out there but with a little extra hard work you can achieve anything you want to be.