Zheng Shuang’s dad publicly praises Zheng Shuang for sending a private plane

QQ: Zheng Shuang is a filial daughter! Sends private plane for grandma’s illness


Zheng Shuang is currently filming in Xiamen, but learned that her grandma suddenly took sick.
– She sent a private plane to pick up her grandma for treatment in Shanghai, helping her obtain timely treatment
– Her dad Zheng Chenghua posted on Weibo lauding his filial daughter, and fans chimed in to agree as well

From his posts, readers can see a private plane and an elongated ambulance, with Zheng Shuang’s grandma happily sitting inside.
– However, his actions have also been accused of showing off wealth as such a set up costs at least RMB100,000

Zheng Chenghua’s Weibo post is as follows:

My house’s dear daughter is truly filial. When she heard that her grandma was sick, she arranged for the best medical team and used the fastest transportation method to get her grandma to Shanghai. It’s because of her resolve and attention to detail that we made the golden period for treatment, and grandma is now recovering healthily and happily.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+11,149] I really don’t like Zheng Shuang’s dad… she keeps a low profile and he raises a high one

[+4,369] Is there a need to post about this on Weibo? Plus, that was her own grandma, of course she would go to all this effort. I would admire her if it was someone she doesn’t know. Her dad is showing off his private plane… he likes to be famous

[+3,963] Was a private plane really necessary?

[+2,290] She has money and needs to treat an illness. Who would care about that little bit of money spent treating sickness?

[+1,996] Pretending you’re all that

[+1,882] Why is there news about her everyday? It seriously irritates my eyes

[+1,006] It’s always the parents teaching their children to keep a low profile. What does her old man do? It’s fine if the girl shows off, why is her old man being so disgusting? Having this kind of dad is shameful, he’ll drag down his daughter!

[+755] Its like this whole family is afraid that no one knows they sent a plane to treat their grandmother’s illness

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  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    I don’t think stuff like this is needed to share on sns. Although, he clearly proud that he has a daughter that is fillial but there are things that you shouldn’t always share on social media esp. if you’re family member is a celebrity. Things like this only generates hate and people will always have something to say about you. So it’s better if we take lie low and don’t make our sns accounts an open diary to general public.