Hwang Chi-Yeul accepts only expensive gifts and throws out the cheap ones?

QQ: Hwang Chi-Yeul accepts gifts worth 400K RMB but tosses the cheap ones in the hotel


Bags and boxes allegedly from Hwang Chi-Yeul’s hotel room

Weibo gossip account “Brother Eight only” received a netizen message that Hwang Chi-Yeul often receives gifts from Chinese fans that are often expensive items.
– He immediately used a 400K RMB microphone that fans custom made for him from Germany, and happily accepted expensive cigarettes and LV necklaces
– Fans discovered however, that handmade items and cheap little gifts were all thrown away in his hotel room


Text messages from someone who received pictures of the hotel room to their friends: (blue in italics)

“Didn’t eat any of the watermelon…”

“Didn’t take any of the gifts”

“This was taken by a girl I know… she opened the boxes… saw a lot of them hadn’t been taken”

“What gifts were they?”

“Small presents and things.”

“He’s a gold digger, he only likes expensive stuff.”


“When my aunt gave him a LV necklace, he wore it that afternoon.”

“My friend is really angry… he said he likes watermelon… so when watermelon appeared in store shelves, she immediately bought some for him. One watermelon was 80 RMB then! (~12 USD)… he didn’t even touch it.”

Some fans also clarified that Hwang Chi-Yeul cherishes handmade gifts as well.


Brother took the fridge magnets I made and gave to him at the Nanjing airport and stuck them to his fridge. <3 They appeared in a variety show!


Cnetz weigh in:

[+13,027] These brainless fans actually custom made a 400K RMB microphone from Germany to give to a Korean celebrity.  😓 Seriously guys? Donate that 400K to the impoverished regions in China and support those kids who can’t afford to go to school, or help the lonely elderly ,or even donate it to the poor who have no money to go to doctors when they’re sick. That’s so meaningful! A bunch of brainless fans are spending so much money to chase after celebrities. Do you think they’ll remember your name or what you look like for the rest of their lives just because they accepted your present? If you give that money to the poor people of China, I’m sure they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives!

[+10,798] Hunan TV should really reflect. If it wasn’t for them, I’d bet no one would know who he is. The Korean artist ban is in effect and he can still appear in “Dad, Where are We Going?” He has a seriously strong background

[+6,713] Jang Nara spoke the truth on behalf of Korean celebrities. There’s lots of money and tons of idiots in China

[+2,744] People who don’t believe this can go watch Korean TV shows, the ones that popped up after “I am a Singer”. No matter how good looking he is, he’s still a Korean. I don’t go against my conscience at all when I say this oppa says one thing and does another.  Even my beloved Ji Changwook, I felt particularly heartbroken when I knew what kind of people they are. I’m their fan, but they feel proud when they have tons of brainless Chinese fans

[+2,669] Can I make a weak protest and ask who Hwang Chi-Yeul is?

[+1,480] Do you see that? He didn’t take it! Didn’t! Take! It! Do you see that do you see that? Don’t be an idiot and chase after them everyday. They’ll only politely say thank you when you give them a small gift, and then forget you as soon as you turn your head. How many pricy gifts do they receive everyday? Go and reflect on yourselves!

[+440] Im Yoona once said in a Korean TV show that when filming in China, you eat well and live well and earn a lot of money. Tons of people give you presents as well, everyone loves it

[+356] He receives so many gifts that it’s unrealistic to bring them all back to China with him. If it were you, would you leave both expensive and cheap gifts in the hotel?


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  • nutella

    I dont know him and I follow kdramas and kpop so but fans should stop giving expensive gifts to celebrities. I think all celebrities should just be like I wont accept anything expensive.

  • nel

    fan gifts literally always en up sparking controversy at some point 😩

  • LostRambler

    Thats sad that people think that way cause literally his entire house is fuuull of fan gifts. I’m pretty sure at one point dudes house got semi flooded and first thing he did was save fan letters

  • TriniSimSim

    Wow this article was just full of hate. First of all I call bullsh!t. I guarantee if there were actually any gifts in those boxes, these people determined to bring him down would have been only too eager to take pictures of them and put them on display. But what do we see? Boxes and packaging. Why? Because that’s all there was. If you ever watched the reality show “I Live Alone, you would have seen his home bursting with gifts. Mostly small inexpensive handmade gifts! Also…his fans do a LOT of charity work and giving. Too much to list. More than most people do. So if some of them want to buy an expensive gift…what of it? No-one is expecting him to remember all his fans, that’s not why they give. They give because he has brought joy to many with his music and personality. If you don’t like him that’s your prerogative, but perpetuating vicious rumors with zero evidence is is pretty low, no matter who the victim is. Try spreading positivity instead of hate and you’ll find that you will feel much happier with life and yourself.

    • cpoplove

      I hear you, this article and the cnetz comments were super biased against him. Part of the Korean ban I’m guessing :(. I had to search a really long time to find the positive snippet about the fan magnets on his fridge.

      I really like him in this season’s “Dad, Where Are We Going” though! Your comment reminded me that I should translate an article about that, thanks!