Joe Chen celebrates Kimi Qiao Renliang’s birthday on Weibo

Weibo: Joe Chen celebrates Kimi Qiao Renliang’s birthday, “we will meet again one day”


The following was Joe Chen’s post on Weibo:

October 15 is your birthday.

But I need to fly to Budapest later tonight to film, I’ll be on the plane for 13 hours.

I may still be on the plane during your birthday, and may not have internet when I get off, so I want to tell you first


Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

An important thing needs to be said three times

I miss you

We miss you

Although I still can’t help but cry sometimes

I wish more often that I was smiling

I often talk about you with my assistants, chatting about your funny moments, how kind you were to everyone, how much you were like an old man when you huddled in on yourself, afraid of the cold…

We remember the happy you

I remember your smile

Being able to accept things doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt

I believe that good will always be able to triumph over evil

Be well in a pink heaven, my friend

I hope you found the peace in your heart

We will meet again one day


Cnetz react below:

[+8,805] What a deep friendship, I’m truly very touched! Joe, take good care of yourself!

[+4,505] If I turn into memories and depart the living, and see that I can’t hug your crying self with my cold body and the thought of someone I love deeply traveling alone… I think I would hate myself for being so ruthless…

[+3,205] Our dearest Kimi, happy birthday! We hope that you’ve found true peace, and just want to tell you that no matter where you are, we’ll always be together

[+2,514] I have the urge to cry whenever I see reports of Joe Chen and Kimi

[+2,154] Just what do these haters want people to do? They said that friendships were fake when people didn’t post on Weibo, now when they do they say it’s mediaplay. Is everything a plot and scheme to them?

[+1,742] I turned into a sobbing mess after reading that 😭 Those who are alive, please love yourself well~

[+1,583] I really want to cry. I’m choked up again, but I still want to tell Qiao Renliang happy birthday 👑💖🎀 Is there cake in heaven? Those who miss you remember your smile. I hope you’re always happy there!

[+1,190] I’m teary, Kimi, there’s no depression in heaven, just happiness!

[+1,135] When she doesn’t post on Weibo you guys called her cold! When she does you say she’s mediaplaying! What do you want her to do! Vicious words are a knife, haters have no integrity and can go die themselves!

[+948] You damn haters, do some good in your life for once



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