Fan Bingbing’s airport style stumps many

QQ: You don’t understand Master Fan’s sense of style! Tying pants around her waist?


Fan Bingbing arrived at Shanghai’s Hongqiao a few days ago dressed in a white collar shirt, wearing a hat, and sunglasses.
– She also wore a pair of pants tied behind her that appeared quite unique

Fan Bingbing has always been known for her fashion sense and often stuns everyone when she reveals herself.
– She revealed recently that she lost 12 kilograms and was called “little fatty Fan” because of this previously
– Now that she’s lost this much weight, she can be extremely headstrong when dressing herself now, and can pull off even long pants tied behind her shorts

Cnetz react below:

[+13,670] She probably got her period and bled through to her jeans, so she wrapped another pair around herself to cover it up

[+5,929] Master? Since when she was a master? A woman who media plays with all sorts of old men is this century’s biggest joke!

[+5,069] Fan Bingbing really doesn’t know how to wear clothes. She’s not suited to follow the footsteps of Yang Mi and Angelababy. It’s best if she can show off her own sense of style

[+4,328] Maybe her sense of style is so great that it’s just exploding out of her!

[+4,216] When someone is pretty and famous, she’s trendy in whatever she wears!

[+2,858] Pfft, Fan Bingbing isn’t just an ordinary person, she can set fashion trends! 😜

[+2,611] Can we be more elegant? This is so-called fashion? I really don’t understand what people are thinking these days

[+1,169] Her title of master comes from her generous benefits to those who work for her. Her employees started calling her that. It’s just a nickname, why must you talk about other people like that?

[+1,131] So fashionable! Us ordinary mortals won’t understand this!

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  • nel

    she definitely is a master! has the media wrapped around her finger and gets the public talking no matter what she does 😜