4,000 year beauty Ju Jingyi shows off her beautiful legs

QQ: 4,000 year beauty Ju Jingyi shows off her legs in shorts and smiles sweetly


Ju Jingyi arrived in Shanghai today after promotions in Japan. Large crowds of fans followed her and kept reminding her to wrap herself up warmly.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+3,605] How is she pretty? Where’s everyone’s sense of beauty?

[+3,482] She’s pretty alright, but what’s this about a four thousand year beauty? Outclassing the four ancient Chinese beauties? Diaochan and the others will all be crying themselves senseless in the palace

[+2,876] This is too much, who deemed her a beauty that appears only once in four thousand years?

[+1,808] This is what we get after four thousand years?

[+1,663] I can’t forget how she looked before her plastic surgery (¬㉨¬)

[+867] Japanese people truly haven’t seen the world, an internet celebrity is so popular with them

[+643] Do all Japanese people like to wear clothing this way? The pairs of long socks are super Japanese

[+461] She doesn’t look ugly, but not up to the ridiculous claims of beauty either. Who the heck came up with 4,000 years? There’s no source, no evidence, no authority. Stop using such an empty title. And, her pictures of her before plastic surgery are really scary

[+452] Her legs are so long, just as long as mine, and I’m 150cm! 😁

[+221] In my opinion, I’ve slept with at least 37 girls who are prettier than her

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  • nel

    really not the most flattering picture out there… Almost like the journalist wanted her to get dragged 😩

  • hizurisama

    lol i feel like the journalists are being so sarcastic with their 4000 year beauty titles when they know they’ve seen all those artlcles with Jingyi’s surgery.