Andrew Tan releases another album after three year hiatus

Kairos: Andrew Tan used exercise to shake off depression, wants to participate in the Spartan Race in the future


“Prince of Ballads” Andrew Tan held a press event for his new album, “Dear Paranoia” a few days ago, with label mate Jess Lee brought Malaysian cakes to celebrate.
– Because she was sick, her voice break when she was giving him her best wishes, giving rise to laughter all around
– Andrew Tan expressed that he was finding it hard to hide his excited feelings at finally releasing an album again
– After waiting 1,095 days to release an album, he was so nervous that he couldn’t fall asleep the night before!
– “It only felt real in the moment that I officially took the stage and the music started playing.”

Andrew also shared some of his feelings and the journey he had in the days waiting for his new album to be released.
– He mentioned that each day felt like a year to him, and the lack of releasing an album caused him to become depressed
– He shook that off through exercising, and then fell in love with triathlons
– “This is not only a challenge to myself, but something that helped me walk out from depression.”
– He plans on continuing his participation in races in the future and would like to take on the challenge of the first “Spartan Race” held in Taiwan

When he recalled the days of taking medicine for his depression, Andrew said that “taking medicine make me feel like there was a heavy weight on my chest. I seemed to lose my feelings and felt that that wasn’t healthy.”
– He started participating in triathlons as a result and trained a fit body and healthy skin color in a short period of time

Blue Love Theme from Andrew Tan’s latest album, “Dear Paranoia”

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