Niko Sun releases new album and allowed to date after six years

Appledaily: Niko Sun allowed to date after six years, Jolin is his ideal type


Chinese singer Niko Sun released his new album “Geminiko” over the weekend, with his company giving him three gifts to celebrate his songs doing well on the digital charts.
– They lifted a six year dating ban, hoping that he would improve his songwriting abilities through having some relationships
– They gave him a one way ticket to New York City, wanting him to go take dance lessons in NYC after his promotions were over, and only coming back after his dancing skills had improved
– The third gift were shoes suitable for dancing, making him delighted with joy

When Niko take about his dating ban, he laughed that he was asked to focus on his career after joining the company when he was 18 years old.
– This ban was particularly painful for him as he really wanted to be in a relationship
– But he gradually got used to it, and when his boss told him recently that “it was time to be in a relationship”, he said that his ideal type were cute little girls with large eyes
– “I really admire girls like Jolin!”

He performed four of his new songs at the media event, but sang two more a cappella due to requests from hundreds of fans, laughing that he’d turned it into a concert.
– He traveled to France and Japan to add 30 some items of clothing for this time’s promotions and spent 1 million RMB on his clothing budget
– Of them, two of them were hand stitched coats and a Japanese metal studded jacket that weighed 10 kilograms


Sad Memory from Niko Sun’s latest album.

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