Tiffany Tang confirmed to beat out Zheng Shuang for Golden Eagle Award?

QQ: Rehearsal revealed, Tiffany Tang is the Golden Eagle Goddess?


The China TV Golden Eagle Award commonly known in China as the Golden Eagle Awards, is the main national award of the Chinese television industry.

A picture of Tiffany Tang practicing for the awards was revealed on Weibo over the weekend, seeming to confirm that she beat out Zheng Shuang and Coulee Nazha for the position of Golden Eagle Goddess.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+9,555] What the heck… how can she be the one… so many people hate her

[8,178] Tiffany Tang’s looks aren’t worthy of the title of goddess, another person with connections!

[+7,880] As long as it’s not Zheng Shuang, I hate her fans! They’re all so cocky!

[+5,902] The best dress still goes to Zhao Liying, when she won

[+4,358] I’d rather it be Zheng Shuang or Nazha, they might be afraid of the fans fighting… but how can it be this king of the crappy films with no acting skills? Unhappy

[+2,927] Our Shuang girl has no relationship with Hunan TV, so the channel doesn’t like her either. There’s no point to being the Golden Eagle goddess anyways. Zheng Shuang is busy filming “Rush to the Dead Summer” with her oppa, she doesn’t have time to pay attention to this has-been, old news Hunan TV channel!

[+1,505] Nazha is quite good, I don’t understand why people have to talk about her like that. I don’t get it why people who like Zheng Shuang talk about her like that either. I like Zhao Liying though

[+1,209] It’s said that she pulled a lot of strings to get this

[+995] It might as well have been Zheng Shuang or Nazha, they mediaplayed for so long. How unlucky!

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  • nutella

    I think Tiffany Tang deserved to be Golden Goddess, this is based on the past two years and she had quite a few hits plus she is really well known and she is gorgeous. I liked her dress but I do think ZLY had the best dress so far.

  • sand

    Absolutely,Tiffany Tang has a valuable to get this position. The other should wait for the next,it’s not their time when compare with the tasks and prestige. Tiffany did very well. Also her outstanding golden dress is so perfect for this grand event. What;s wrong? can’t understand?