Wang Baoqiang divorce proceedings start today, Ma and Song to possibly appear as well

QQ: Legal proceedings start for Wang Baoqiang’s divorce, Baoqiang appears with a subdued expression

[+10,514] Would someone who’s popular in the incredibly complex entertainment industry be so dumb as to not see clearly something that all ordinary people can see? Would he really not have gotten a hint of it at all in this incredibly gossipy entertainment industry? It’s been negative press about Ma Rong since the divorce started. I used to support him a lot, but now this damned divorce case has dragged on for months and is in the media everyday. When it comes down to it, isn’t the entertainment circle just a place where you drag me down and I fling mud on you? To think he can keep such a straight face like this and enjoy his popularity. Heh heh, I want to vomit whenever I see Wang Baoqiang’s name now.

[+8,229] A marriage is between two people and we don’t know the particulars of it. There’s no need to censure any side. I just want to say that you were a married couple, so let’s part on good terms

[+5,014] Is there a need to publicize a divorce like this? Meet well and part well!

[+4,411] To be honest this couple has nothing to do with us. This isn’t the first time that this has happened in the entertainment industry, but it’s the woman cheating this time. When it’s the male celebrity, he only says that I made a mistake that all men beneath the heavens would make. Where are all these angry netizens then? Judging from the look of things, it’s like their own wives cheated on them.

[+2,674] All of you are bored to the point where your balls hurt. It’s just a divorce! There are many people who divorce these days, and it’s quite normal. Do you really think those in the entertainment circle would keep to one husband and one wife? Keep dreaming! It’s just a matter of who hides it well. Some netizens grit their teeth in hatred of Ma Rong, that’s hilarious. Why don’t you come to our local courthouse, the lines there snake out and there are divorces for all sorts of reasons. You can watch the show and eat snacks, cursing at them whenever you want to. Oh right, don’t forget a safety helmet

[+2,273] The earth keeps spinning no matter who’s gone. Does the entire country have to grieve for Wang Baoqiang because he’s getting a divorce? What a joke, how absurd! He can’t even maintain order in his family. Is it worth it to do so much for someone who keeps making such a huge media play about this all?

[+1,695] It takes two to tango. The men in the entertainment industry are sex addicts… and women look to money… meet and part well… I hope all goes peacefully in the courthouse…



QQ: Someone disturbs the proceedings, yelling that Wang Baoqiang is a bastard

[+70,079] I bet you the Ma b*tch hired that person! Shameless! Making a fuss at a time like this!

[+50,989] You must’ve spent a lot of money to hire this person? After all, he had to curse publicly and target Wang Baoqiang. Very high risk

[+31,707] I’ll kill whoever says Wang Baoqiang is scum. He came from humble origins!

[+14,193] It was just an affair to begin with, but then escalated it to stealing assets and threats. She lacks so much EQ as to tell someone to cause trouble at the scene. That Ma b*tich and Song scum are all awesome huh. After you’re divorced, you can live wherever you want and do the deed anyplace you want! But who knows, maybe they’ll be cheating on each other then!

[+10,353] Someone beat that trash to death

[+9,099] Ma must’ve spent money to hire whoever cussed at Wang Baoqiang

[+7,562] Wang isn’t a man at all. Selfish and narrow minded, he’s not considering how this will affect his children at all. Something between two people has become something for the entire society. What a low life.

[+5,205] I really don’t understand what people who say that Wang Baoqiang is casting aside all previous marriage sentiment and relegating Ma Rong to her current circumstances, or that Wang Baoqiang is heartless are thinking. Did Ma Rong think of Wang Baoqiang when she was beneath Song Zhe? Did she think about what she was doing when she issued statements that Wang Baoqiang was slandering her reputation? Did she remember that the two of them were married when she donated all that money away? She said that she doesn’t want to hurt to children, but did she consider that her actions were hurting the children even more? Yes, every person has a chance to be forgiven, and but can all this be forgiven? Once, yes. But all this? She says she didn’t do it and keeps defending herself. Do you not need to live with yourself? Do your parents not need to live?

[+3,327] The person yelling just wanted to become famous! Everyone, don’t pay attention to him!

[+3,205] Who did it? Please, the brothers present, beat him! Thank you

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  • Gabbar Singh

    Damn, this is so messy and I have a mere 40% understanding of what is going on LOL

    • cpoplove

      Super messy. If you click on Wang Baoqiang’s tag, there’s tons of articles from when all this started two months ago.

      • Gabbar Singh

        TWO MONTHS? This has been going on longer than I thought. Ah, I must have missed some articles of his wife and him. Thanks! I’ll read them all now, starting from the beginning of this shitfest.