Zheng Shuang looking like a couple with “Ray” Ma Tianyu as she visits his set?

QQ: Zheng Shuang revealed to have visited Ma Tianyu on set, the two displayed some skinship and had a good time


Netizens sent in pictures earlier today to media of Zheng Shuang visiting “Ray” Ma Tianyu whilst filming on set.
– The two were laughing and talking, and he had his arm on her shoulder at one point

Cnets weigh in below:

[+6,493] It’s obvious that acting is only a career to Zheng Shuang. She has no celebrity disease and dresses simply, with no desires for name brand bags. Stop hating on her if you have nothing better to do. The entertainment industry needs some fresh springs. We should just look at someone’s works and not disturb their lives

[+2,601] I freaking laugh at those hating on Zheng Shuang. There’s no point to all their BS. They say that whatever male actor who comes in touch with Zheng Shuang is unlucky, but anyone who’s worked with her has gotten popular. Those who say she’s ugly, please post a picture of your own looks and pray that you don’t scare people to death. Those who say that no brand has invited her to any of their shows, I just want to say that she’s an actress, not a model. Being a good actress is the main task at hand and don’t lose sight of the greater picture. Those looking for bones in an egg are like jealous, gossipy hags. Keep a good handle on yourself, maybe a lot of people around you in real life hate you!

[+2,091] Why does it feel like Zheng Shuang is from some isolated backwater village and severely malnourished. She’s also incredibly ugly

[+2,009] I really wish Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu can be together. Ma Tianyu always stands up for her no matter what. It’d be nice if they get together

[+1,854] I can’t even bear to read the hate filled comments above mine. You’ve lost a screw in your head to hate on someone like this. I really think those sasaengs have something wrong in their mind and need treatment. Why is your worldview so different from ours?? You’re truly too bizarre. You have no right to criticize anyone. Hold your tongue and do some good. Is it right to attack a girl like this? I can see her hard work and positive energy!

[+1,697] Don’t dirty my Zheng Shuang!

[+1,239] Let Tianyu off the hook!

[+598] I always think of an affair when I see the words “best friends”. What best guy friend, best girl friend, they’re all precursors to affairs

[+481] Zheng Shuang needs to dress up more


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