Li Yifeng’s body double rising to popularity as well

Apple Daily: Li Yifeng’s body double so handsome that he’s super popular now! 23 year old young fresh meat woos the ladies


Li Yifeng (left) and his body double Hu Wenzhe (right) 

Chinese celebrity Li Yifeng has been rising to prominence in recent years due to continual hard work in many dramas and for his handsome visuals.
– He’s often given the moniker of “Nation’s School Grass”, and his popular works have helped him become a new male god
– Netizens have also noted that his body double in recent work “Sparrow” is also equally eye catching

As an agent in “Sparrow”, media recently revealed that he was at least 3 body doubles.
– Some netizens have criticized that this is unprofessional, but the director has personally posted on his Weibo, counterattacking, “Do you know why body doubles are needed?”
– “When an actor needs to work for 18 hours a day and plow through 15 pages of lines a day, can we not hire a body double to help prepare his lighting and other camera effects when he’s busy with another scene?”

One of his body doubles however, has drawn attention for being a young fresh meat as well.
– Hu Wenzhe, born in 1993, 183cm tall with long legs, boasts of refined looks
– Although he’s currently not very popular, many netizens are already paying attention to him and hoping that he rises to prominence in the future


Hu Wenzhe also acts in many period dramas as well

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    he’s cute rise bae rise