Three Chinese Paladin goddesses are all as beautiful as paintings

QQ: The Chinese Paladin goddesses appear for different events on the same day, all are as beautiful as paintings


Tiffany Tang


Liu Shishi


Yang Mi

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+8,630] To be honest, out of the three, Liu Shishi’s beauty is so natural. If we compare non Photoshopped pictures, she’s the one

[+4,151] Why do I feel that Yang Mi is the best looking? Don’t hate me, this is just my feelings

[+3,485] I like Yang Mi, go Yang Mi!!

[+3,097] Liu Shishi is so refreshing and has so much elegance. Of the other two, one of them has buckteeth and the other a square face, nothing to look at here

[+2,765] Although they’re all very beautiful, but Liu Shishi gives people a very comfortable feeling

[+2,071] I like Big Mimi, I like Big Mimi, I like Big Mimi! I’m saying it three times because I like her

[+1,331] I love my Shishi! I hope they stay well

[+906] I feel sick whenever I see Yang Mi, Tiffany Tang is the best

[+1,199] Liu Shishi’s presence is the best. I feel Yang Mi is so unnatural

[+324] Liu Shishi always smiles with a closed mouth and a frozen face. Just how much self confidence do you lack? I’ve got goosebumps all over!

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  • thisco

    Tiffany tang looks very pretty in that picture.

  • The Fair Bitch

    Liu Shi Shi is a Queen, no competition here for her.