Tnetz wonder over Rainie Yang’s improved singing skills

PTT: Gossip about Rainie Yang’s singing skills?

Has Rainie Yang’s singing skills improved?

When she participated in China’s Masked Singer, she say songs from Jay Chou and JJ Lin

She completely owned the songs and erupted in full force

When she sang the high notes before, she sounded so tight and was only using her throat

She’s completely different now. Did she get a teacher? Any gossip?



Tnetz weigh in below:

“She’s ordinary.”

“She’s never been any good.”

“She’s been practicing all along!”

“It’s easy for a girl to sing a guy’s song.”

“She looks like she’s gotten plastic surgery.”

“Ronghao has been teaching her.”

“The sounds of her taking a breath were super loud.”

“The sounds of her taking breaths were edited out, Chinese shows all do that.”

“Hasn’t she been like this from her first song? She has what it takes become popular.”

“I think she’s improved starting from her recent albums.”

“There were rumors before saying she has the celebrity disease, but this should be rumors or a misunderstanding.”

“She’s not the best but above average, she’s truly a well rounded celebrity.”

“Everything’s fine when you look good.”

“I don’t know what she’s singing so hard for, she only sings those songs that are half dead and half alive in her albums.”

“Really? Her high notes have always been strong. This is the potential she was born with.”

“I’ve heard her live before. She’s stable, but her tone isn’t very appealing. The songs in her new album are hard and she does a good job mastering them.”


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