Wang Baoqiang’s lawyer reveals concrete evidence of Ma Rong cheating

QQ: Cheating suspicions? Wang Baoqiang’s lawyer reveals texts


Wang Baoqiang’s lawyer posted on Weibo yesterday screenshots of texts between Ma Rong and Song Zhe that seemingly detailed the affair. He quickly deleted this post afterwards, however.

What his Weibo post read:

The judgment passed on Ma Rong will affect the future culture of China’s society! If Ma Rong can still share in a large majority of the wealth after cheating on five years of marriage and live a good life, then more affairs will happen in the future! If she leaves without a single RMB, then it will be a warning to everyone!


cpoplove translated some of the texts. Italics indicates Song Zhe’s words:


“What are you doing?”

“I miss you.”

“I’m missing you wifey.”

“I want you to keep me company tonight.”

“We just parted, you miss me already?”

“A lot <3 <3”


“Too tiring.”

“Are you going to keep me company or not? If you don’t, I’ll go find someone else.”

“Baoqiang should be coming back in these two days, we should take a break.”

“Can you not always bring up that piece of crap Baoqiang?”

“I only have you in my heart.”

“How are things on your end?”

“All taken care of, everything’s very safe. The money has been transferred to your parents and then to my account again.”

“Don’t worry, if Baoqiang finds out, we’ll just leave.”

“I want to spend eternity with you.”

“Don’t worry, we will.”

“Let’s meet later.”

“You want to be screwed again *heart eyes emoticon*”


Cnetz react below:

[+58,851] Betraying your family and ethics. As a mother, you’re not thinking of your children. As a daughter, you’re not thinking of your parents. Shameless and despicable, how dare you stand there and say that Baoqiang has slandered you? Not only should this kind of person be thrown out, but left without a single RMB as well. Otherwise, all mistresses will act even more atrociously in the future!

[+31,835] If the chat logs are real, then I confess I really feel disgusted…

[+30,143] The thing is, divorces and affairs are no longer that fresh in modern society. Celebrities are people too with no exception. This can all be understood. Just be with who you want to be with. But what the hell, this scheming and plotting to steal assets is simply too disgusting. We must punish them severely to give everyone a warning!

[+27,363] The much talked about chat logs are actually real? The hell, these two people are too shameless.

[+25,803] I support Ma Rong leaving with only the clothes on her back!

[+19,526] There are many women who cheat in this world. But those who can do so self righteously and plot to steal fortunes without a bit of shame, there exists only Ma Rong!!!

[+14,339] The future of Chinese marriages will depend on this ruling. This can be said as the case of a lifetime!

[+14,009] You’re too cruel, you should at least leave her money for sleeping pills! If she throws herself off the buildings or into rivers because she doesn’t have money, what should we do when the roads and waters are polluted? Can you take responsibility for that?

[+7,176] If Baoqiang loses, then that bastard who seduced a rich woman will split the money for her. The hell, it’s so easy to earn money. Anyone who looks good, add me. I’ll introduce rich women to you in the future. Split some money with me when you get divorced. Mm. Let’s see how the courts hand out their judgement.

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  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    I’m speechless. If the chat messages are real, gosh those two cheater has knock on their heads who are shamelessly cheating yet they want the money of the guy. Gold digger jerks.

  • nel

    LOL text messages are way too easy to fake 😂 can’t believe anyone would believe text message screeshots/pics to be valid proof of anything. And how did the lawyer get them? He stole Ma Rong’s phone? lol. I mean I highly doubt Baoqiang is divorcing her for no reason but I call bullshit on these 😂 No wonder why he deleted this mess so fast. Seems like a money battle by now.

    • cpoplove

      :O Word. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility that these texts were faked. But so true and so easy to!