Cnetz hate on Sun Li for complaining about construction site noise

Weibo: Sun Li complains that a construction site is too loud. Netizens say she’s abusing celebrity privilege instead


Sun Li wrote earlier today on Weibo:

Country leaders, we were just filming in earlier and are always very nervous when we carry out our mission to film everyday. We only wish to have a quiet environment to rest in when we return to our rooms, but there’s a construction site next to the hotel that works around the clock. They might have been putting down the foundation yesterday and was particularly loud until midnight. Is it a public disturbance to work in the middle of the night? They started working again at 7am this morning… the workers are also having a hard time! I hope the leadership arranges for suitable working hours so that everyone can rest. Thank you.


Cnetz react below:

[+2,980] I hope this celebrity can learn some basic construction knowledge. You can’t take a break when you’re pouring in concrete to set the foundation. You’ll have to start over if you pause and can’t stop in the middle of the night. The regulations regarding large scale projects are quite strict and permits are needed to work in the middle of the night.

[+2,849] This is construction for a subway and is public infrastructure. They have a permit to work through the night and is completely reasonable. 2. She was in a rural area and there are very few residents there. 3. The ground is dead, but people are alive. Just change hotels. 4. The crews do work around the clock for subway constructions. 5. We desperately want to solve the issue of transportation, why should we give way for the sleep of one actress?

[+2,017] You absolutely don’t work harder than a normal worker! How much money do you earn from filming dramas? How many years does an ordinary worker have to work? Damn it to hell!

[+1,707] Sun Li, you’ll have to suffer it through it for now, this is only temporarily. We’re disturbed day and night, and who speaks up then? Everyone, wake up. There’s no place for sound protection laws in China, because they affect only some people. Who cares if they’re not affected? This department doesn’t exist for the people. This is only temporary for you, but it’s permanent for us.

[+1,152] This is in the countryside and far away from residences, why can’t they work around the clock? Just for an actress?

[+1,129] This woman thinks too highly of herself

[+866] This is because the earth will be frozen in a month so that no construction can take place. Transportation is paralyzed in this region of the country and everyone wants to hurry and build the subway. The citizens in that region have been inconvenienced for so long because the cities were the priority. Now that an actress wants the entire construction to be halted, who is she to be worth that?

[+629] As a fellow Shandong person I feel ashamed on her behalf. She didn’t donate anything for charity and makes such a big fuss when she’s filming

[+546] To halt such a large construction project just for you? Construction will be impossible to carry out in the north after another period of time. The roads will freeze over, and the most important thing is that this will paralyze traffic. They work harder than you, you sleep in the middle of the night, but they work hard to keep their family alive! How dare you say that it’s disturbing the people? Big deal if you’re a celebrity! You’re just a person!

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