G.E.M. gets cooking advice from father via WhatsApp

ET Today: G.E.M. makes pumpkin soup herself, reveals her cry for help to her dad


G.E.M. exploded to popularity due to her participation in “I Am A Singer” and has massive amounts of fans in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.
– She often shares tidbits from work through Facebook, and recently shared a post in which she checked into a Ningpo hotel room
– She decided to cook because there was a kitchen in the room, and shared their cute conversation

G.E.M. prepared pumpkins and tomatoes, and then sent a message to her dad on how to prepare soup.
– She then uploaded the conversation with hashtags “Daddy is my cooking god” and “Daddy’s cooking is best”

Netizens noticed that G.E.M.’s hair was wet and wondered if she’d just washed her hair, with others commenting that their conversation was full of love and being quite curious about the flavor of the soup.

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