Hebe Tian’s “Useless” MV is emotional agony

QQ: Hebe Tian’s “Useless” MV revealed, her first reality show about to air


Hebe recently released album “Day by Day” and has been actively promoting it since. The MV for song “Useless” premiered on Oct. 22.
– The MV describes how Hebe shut herself in a sickroom after being dumped, reliving the memories of riding a motorcycle with her ex boyfriend
– Her messy room and empty life represented the depths in which she gave up on herself
– When she finally walked out of her pain and used a tattoo to end the hurt in her heart, her ex boyfriend actually came back and wanted to get back together
– In order to express Hebe giving up on life, the director made her room quite messy in the MV
– However, Hebe remarked that, “My home is naturally very clean and neat!”
– The cleanliness of her house was directly opposite to the business of her schedule. “I will kneel on the ground to wipe off the ground, bathroom, scrub the toilet, and make sure every inch is clean!”


Hebe also made use in between filming scenes to practice some fighting skills.
– She laughed and said that, “I hope that [directors] Ang Lee or Hou Hsiaohsien don’t see this, or they’ll come grab me to film movies. I won’t make my debut on the screen easily!”
– She threw pictures likes darts in the MV and the staff laughed that she could change her image to become a singing and dancing artist

Although it was her first time on a motorcycle, Hebe revealed that her father loves motorcycles and so they have on at home.
– Her brother taught her how to ride, and when she was riding at home once, she hadn’t thought that there would be an obstacle on the ground and crashed into a neighbor’s metal door, denting a large hole into it
– She also once wanted to get a tattoo in real life, such as imprinting her parents’ birthday or equally meaningful dates on her body
– “I later learned that those with tattoos can’t go to public spas in Japan, but I love spas! Not to mention if I got a tattoo, it might limit the type of CFs that I can take in the future, so I gave up on that idea.”

Hebe also started participating in Zhejiang TV’s “Battle of the Voice” variety show, mentioning that she was quite nervous and also curious.
– She laughed that, “The staff was more nervous than I was, because they could only watch me through the little monitor once I set foot on the stage. My team asked me how everything was when I finished, and I laughed thinking that I’d gained so many sets of parents.”
– She often discusses her performance with staff after filming, hoping to improve in the next episodes

Hebe Tian’s “Useless” MV

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