Luhan self produces new album “Xperience”, title track “Catch Me When I Fall” released

QQ: Luhan self produces new song “Catch Me When I Fall”


Luhan’s official accounts have been ramping up promotions the past couple of days to amp up anticipation for new album “Xperience”
– Title track “Catch Me When I Fall” was released on Oct. 21
– It’s said that this song not only invited producer Santell again, whom participated in Luhan’s first solo album “Reloaded”, but also invited the “Picard Brothers”, a new French producer team who has crafted songs for Diplo and Chris Brown

The new song doesn’t use the traditional fast paced beats to draw listeners in, but is a rather self contained song to show off Luhan’s exquisite vocal sound.
– Not only does the editing maintain a sexy rhythm, it enhanced Luhan’s vocal color and created a European electronic song that’s different from the traditional American pop song

Luhan is using his song to announce his current status and thoughts to the world right now, and the song’s meaning goes from reality to abstract and back to reality.
– “When I tire of the sky, I wish to fall into the ocean” is a particular vivid phrase in the lyrics and has resonated with a lot of fans

Luhan’s “Catch Me When I Fall” MV


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  • nel

    Absolutely loved it! Vocals are good and the song is one of his best in my opinion. The lyrics made me emotional, I’m still waiting for the writing credits just to see if Luhan wrote them himself 😭 (the MV isn’t out yet btw)

  • Barabessa

    just pure gold, the voice, the lyrics omg i feel so blessed

  • Matheew

    medals and this song is the best thing happening to cpop in 2016… this give me weekend feat zayn vibes so good

  • LunaToown

    well done luhan waiting for the mv
    can we have a gay scene?
    well never with luhan

  • Qiyue

    The mv for this is out!! <3
    It's so nice too listen to! but medals is probably still my favorite Luhan song XD haha