S.H.E.’s Ella is two months pregnant

ET Today: Two biggest signs that Ella is pregnant


Ella has been married for four years and finally posted on Facebook on the 22nd that she was indeed pregnant.
– She was overjoyed as she said, “I want to loudly tell everyone, I’m pregnant!”
– She didn’t respond to requests for comment on when this news was leaked beforehand
– She participated in an anti-cancer event on the 13th and her husband kept watch anxiously beneath the stage, not leaving her side for a single moment

When Ella participated in SHE’s 15 year anniversary concert in September, she was already wearing flats then, giving rise to a lot of speculation that she was pregnant


ET Today: Ella collects a list of congratulations from official Facebook accounts


Ella happily announced on the 21st that she was pregnant, and said that “this was killing me to keep it in” because she was someone who can’t keeps a secret.
– Her news was shared more than 8 thousand times less than an hour after posting, and congratulations from more than 11 official celebrity Facebook accounts as well.
– Fellow group member Selena’s wishes of “little one~~ little one~~” was like twelve thousand times, fully displaying Ella’s popularity

Apart from responding in the first instant, Selena also shared this news and said “I’m going to cry! I also want to tell everyone that I’m going to be an aunt!”
– Fans were surprised and delighted when rumors of Ella’s pregnancy floated out a few days ago, and now say that “it must have been hard keeping it in huh! You must be the the most beautiful aunt there is!”


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