“Song of China” not renewed for fourth season?

QQ: Song of China not renewed for a fourth season? Production company: We’re still working on it


As the above Weibo post illustrates, rumors are flying thick online that “Song of China” will not be renewed for a fourth season.
– The production team says that they are still working on things, but many netizens are saying that it would be a shame for a music show for original songwriters to be cancelled


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+931] We should stop “Sing! China” and support good music instead. I support Chinese originals!

[+505] “Song of China” is the best music show and the best platform for original music. Too many good songs were born from this show!”

[+374] This show is so much better than “Sing! China”, why hasn’t that show stopped? It’s because it isn’t produced by Central TV and doesn’t have that many reservations, and can cater for the market

[+184] Why must such a good show be cancelled! Supporting originals! Many shows these days are covering old classics, and there’s no innovation anywhere at all. After singing songs from China, then they move onto Hong Kong and Taiwan, and then Europe and the USA. If there are no new songs, then where is the meaning in all this?

[+192] Why must good songs fight for their right for survival? These new music shows are really decreasing in quality! I was surprised by the first season of “Sing! China” and really anticipated the second season, but screw that third season! So many behind the scenes deals! The fourth season has beaten the theme to death, hurry up and get cancelled! Whoever has money wins the championship! It’s an insult to good songs compared to a show like “Song of china!” Everyone is singing originals there, what the hell are you guys singing?

[+60] Good songs are a good thing. Some people don’t want to see them succeed. This is how things are within our country

[+41] What a pity, this is a true songwriting show. The rest of them aren’t real

[+19] I no longer watch it, after the first season, the judges like to act too much

[+5] It’s all media play, so what is you’re the champion?

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