SWIN-S’ new album “New World” has eye catching results

QQ: SWIN-S’s new song “New World” has eye catching results, album is full of “fresh meat” surprises


Chinese idol boy group SWIN-S’ first EP “New World”, and title track “New World” hit the shelves on Oct. 19.
– It was already hotly anticipated by fans and has achieved impressive results
– Some netizens commented that there have been “so many unending fresh young meat surprises in 2016!”

“New World” had high standards of production and recording, with perfection demanded in every detail.
– “Asia Hit Maker” Double Kick was asked to produce the song, and it utilizes hip hop as the basis of the song
– It then uses Asian flair synth riffs and dazzling electric guitars to offset the dubstep bass, with SWIN-S supplementing with their charming voices and cool dance moves
– Their lyrics sing to the hopes and dreams of young people


In order to bring the most perfect product to everyone, SWIN-S has undergone hard training for two years and have finally taken their spot on the stage.
– They seek to use “New World” to prove that their strength is not to be overlooked even in a modern society in which fresh young meat is the trend


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  • nel

    i have yet to check them out