Wu Mochou sends good wishes for Nick Chou’s new album “REAL”

QQ: Nick Chou releases new mini album while sick, Wu Mochou brings spicy hotpot


After four years, Nick Chou held a media event for his new album “REAL” in Beijing on Oct. 19.
– This album is divided into two parts, with one focusing on pop and the other on EDM
– It’s said that his company spent a great deal of money to leave him a lot of creative freedom
– His good friend Wu Mochou also arrived during the event to bring him a spicy hotpot and wish that his new release would be “hot and fiery”

Nick Chou’s voice was slightly hoarse during the event as he had an itchy throat after returning from Korea’s Spectrum Dance Music Festival.
– He’d had four shots in three weeks but still hadn’t fully recovered
– Apart from some unavoidable events, he had shifted back all his other performances, but still appeared at the even for his new album , singing and dancing title track “Turn Up”

What surprised him was when Wu Mochou appeared as well. The two had met in the “Heroes of Remix” show and become friends because of similar likes and dislikes in music
– “Momo” Wu Mochou said that,” I heard that Nick Chou really likes spicy hotpot before I came and will often go eat alone. I brought him this so he can taste it, and hope that his album is hugely successful so that a lot of people will like and support him”
– The two also hope to work together in the future

Nick Chou’s “Turn Up” music video from new album “REAL”

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