Chen He and Zhang Zixuan are parents to a baby girl

Weibo: Chen He announces that he’s a dad! Zhang Zixuan gives birth to a girl


China Runningman cast member Chen He was revealed to have registered for marriage for Zhang Zixuan, and posted on Weibo on Oct. 23 a picture of his hand holding a baby’s little hand.
– The post read “thank you”
– His manager confirmed the news, but didn’t know any other details as he was on his way to Shanghai where the new family was

Paparazzi caught him back in February accompanying Zhang Zixuan to maternal checkups.
– He had no comment then, but was spotted by netizens at hospitals again with a positive diagnosis of Zhang Zixuan’s pregnancy
– She was spotted with loose clothing and flat shoes no matter where she went in future trips

His post drew many congratulations from his Runningman cast members.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+17,158] His ex-wife never said anything bad about him, so his personality shouldn’t be that bad

[+11,532] My first reaction was a bit of heartache for the woman who was by his side for 13 years. This also proves that duration of relationships is no evidence of the depth of emotion

[+9,558] To think that after he divorced, he still used his ex-wife to make the headlines and pretend they were in love. He registered behind her back with another woman for marriage and had a child… this kind of man…👎👎👎

[+5,990] There’s no big deal if you got divorced, but why did you make your ex-wife go on a show and pretend how in love you were to fool everyone? I hope you improve in the future and be a good dad, be more honest with the audience!

[+5,901] Being with another woman for so long is truly less than being with someone you’ve known for a year or two? I really don’t understand it!

[+5,437] No one wishes you happiness. You were with your ex-wife for more than ten years and had an affair less than a year into marriage. Don’t marry her if you don’t like her, but be responsible to the end after marrying her. Scum. You won’t find happiness

[+4,567] No wonder he got divorced, his mistress was pregnant and used the child as a bargaining chip… an actor’s wife is just like a TV drama

[+4,157] I still like his ex-wife better

[+3,434] You didn’t have children with your ex-wife for more than ten years of being together, but had one immediately after having an affair. Disgusting

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