Cnetz blast Wallace Huo for pointing at cameras angrily at the airport

QQ: In a rage! Wallace Huo appears at airport and angrily tells cameras not to film him


Wallace Huo appeared in airports recently and pointed at cameras angrily, telling cameramen not to film him.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,638] He’s changed since being with Ruby Lin! I’m liking him less and less!

[+823] I watched some entertainment channels yesterday and found out that he’s the true ladies’ man in the entertainment circle. He’s slept with countless women and his character is shocking. Trash

[+653] We film you only because we think you’re of value. Will you die if two pictures are snapped of you?

[+670] Sigh, jobs are hard to come by, but celebrities rake in the money. I’m jealous!

[+468] The camera is so far away, yet he can point at it angrily. I wonder how Little Huo Huo discovered it

[+243] I don’t like Wallace Huo, he just has that same stiff face on all day and an unfriendly expression

[+312] So many jealous people here. When they weren’t married, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were so popular and all their news articles were positive. Now that they’ve gotten married, it’s all hate articles. There’s no reason for liking them, why must so many point fingers at them? I hope they’re happy forever.

[+93] I don’t know why, but for some reason I really don’t like him. He really knows how to act like he’s something.

[+56] He wished he could be photographed wherever he went when he wasn’t popular so he could demonstrate how friendly he was, but now that he’s popular, he won’t let others film him. I’m not hating on Wallace Huo, a lot of stars are like this too

[+33] Maybe they were filming someone else. Ai, some people think too much of themselves

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