Guan Xiaotong is a wild haired beauty in the cold

Weibo: Guan Xiaotong’s hair blows wildly in the wind


Chinese child actress Guan Xiaotong posted pictures of her hair blowing wildly in the cold wind recently, saying:

And you didn’t wear more clothes when it’s this cold, serves you right for being cold! Going out to play in the wind when it’s this cold, serves you right for being cold!


Cnetz react below:

[+4,024] Why this constant media play? Posting these boring pictures for no reason at all

[+2,609] From lavishing over the top praise on Fan Bingbing to doing the same for Guan Xiaotong, what is wrong with the entertainment news?

[+1,504] Get the hell out! Media play everyday, I hate you the more you media play. I feel happy that there are other people here hating on you!

[+1,545] Did she get a professional photographer to take these shots?

[+791] Why is there news about her everyday?

[+790] I have to say that her acting skills are quite good!

[+534] So fake, can we not write about her?

[+515] I’ve discovered you haters are seriously sick in the brain. So she posted on Weibo and the journalist made it into news, but you hate on her for media play. Is something wrong with your minds or what? Mad dogs crazily biting people!

[+420] The hell, so annoying. Posting pictures everyday and playing up this girl every single day! What are you doing not studying well and posting all these pictures instead? The more you do this, the less I feel about you. I hate even hearing this name now!

[+305] Alright, the entire world knows you’re the most beautiful now, can you stop? Is it that her fans want her to be hated on or her team? Saying she’s so beautiful everyday…

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