A pregnant Angelababy attends “See You Tomorrow”s press event

QQ: A pregnant Angelababy appears, her waist thickened many times


A pregnant Angelababy attended the media event for movie “See You Tomorrow” in Beijing on Oct. 23. Her black dress wasn’t enough to hide her noticeably thickened waist.
– Cast members Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Eason Chan, Zhang Jiajia, and director Wong Karwai also attended
– Angelababy smiled and said, “It’s been quite stressful filming a movie with so many talented actors, but whenever I thought about giving up after bumping into difficulties, I would keep trying hard because I didn’t want to let the director and everyone down.”
– Director Wong Karwai complimented Angelababy, saying that she was the most hard working actress he’d ever met, and that she would not only be an idol after “See You Tomorrow”, but an actress as well

Angelababy also worked with two major male gods Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro for the film, she commented that, “both male gods are full of unfathomable depths and have a great deal to them. The entire crew for the movie was wonderful. I really thank “See You Tomorrow” for giving me the chance to work together with them.”

Many netizens had expressed speculation about the suitability of Angelababy as the female lead of the movie, but Wang Karwai quickly responded that, “I used to think that Andy Lau was the most hard working actor I knew. Angelababy is definitely a close second after Andy.”


Cnetz react below:

[+12,452] Beauty! So pretty! Your face is round and looks like how it did a few years ago when you debuted. You were too skinny in Runningman, and look better with some more meat on your bones

[+4,762] Why is she wearing such heavy makeup after becoming pregnant?

[+4,204] She looks prettier with more meat on her

[+3,794] She’s still so pretty, positive energy!

[+3,515] She doesn’t look that pretty without makeup on

[+2,379] She is seriously so beautiful, incredibly beautiful, and always this beautiful. She has more motherly love after becoming a mom and is filled with love!

[+1,729] It’s tough being a celebrity. When others are wearing down jackets, she’s still wearing see through dresses like these!

[+664] Some people need to learn how to be a human being. You too will become pregnant and get fat, and you’ll have children as well

[+646] Please take off your makeup

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  • silvermaoh

    i didn’t know you cant wear makeup if you are pregnant
    anyways she looks super pretty, have a safe pregnancy ^^

  • Xiaoshu

    Her acting improved a lots. She is so damn beautiful