Yang Yang once cried until he fainted during debut

SETN: Yang Yang has his current accomplishments 8 years after debut thanks to hard work, once cried until he fainted for a scene


Chinese actor Yang Yang has soared to popularity as everyone’s fresh meat male god after “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”.
– His movie “I Belonged to You” cemented his place, and his future is bright


Yang Yang’s debut character

However, when he debuted in 2008 in drama “The Dream of Red Mansions”, he had no acting experience whatsoever and hadn’t majored in it at school.
– Therefore, all sorts of setbacks happened. A simple bowing gesture resulted in 10 NGs, making the director burn with fury
– He still tried his best and once fainted from crying too hard in a scene
– A lot of staff members quickly helped him to a bed to rest

8 years after debut, Yang Yang feels that he’s not someone naturally smart and thus can immediately find the correct method and answer.
– “I can only trade time for ability and hard work for luck!”


UDN: Fans treat Yang Yang very different since his debut

Due to Yang Yang’s popularity in his recent drama, many fans have said that just the sound of his voice is enough to make them pregnant.
– He accidentally revealed his number in a show filming once, and many fans called it to hear his voice in his voicemail message, completely blowing up his phone

Yang Yang also feels quite disturbed about this attention, wishing that his fans would “have their own lives” and “know when to stop”.


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  • yourunnie

    His words kind of remind me of Got7’s Junior. He seems like a hard worker and a very fun person. In Divas, the other cast labelled him as Sunshine boy because he’s so full of energy even when things are not really going his way.

  • Gabbar Singh

    Yang Yang’s cute, hope he goes far using his hard work and his constant efforts.