Cnetz are saddened by Gary’s departure from “Running Man”

ET Today: No use even when Yoo Jaesuk tried to get him to stay! Gary wanted to leave half a year ago


Rumors started circulating on Oct. 25 that Gary wanted to leave Running Man, and an official announcement was made later that day that Gary’d departure was confirmed.
– His last day of filming would be October 31st, which also happens to be the six year anniversary of the Monday Couple.

According to media, Gary wanted to leave half a year ago, and despite efforts from Yoo Jaesuk, the other members, and the production crew, he still decided to leave to focus on his music.
– He wanted to focus on his identity as a musician, and this was confirmed by officially on the 25th, with the team saying no replacement would be looked for at the moment
– Many audience members found it hard to accept this, and even more people were saddened that the Monday couple would no longer be seen again


Weibo: Hanguo Me2day


[+4,471] There’s no way he would leave if ratings were as high as before

[+1,474] I can understand, after all, he hasn’t put out an album in so long after joining the show. The brother who likes music so much must’ve agonized about this for a long time. [羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒] I support brother’s decision

[+1,002] What????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[+873] Sigh… I’ve watched this show for so many years, and although I’d hoped that I’d be able to go with you to the end, we all know it’s not very possible. Yoo God is getting old, Ji Sukjin’s energy is flagging, they’ll all disperse in the end. Whenever I think of you, I go back to watch the old episodes a few times. No matter what, my best wishes for all seven of them[爱你]

[+209] Don’t brother, what to do? 

[+127] The hell!!!

[+109] [泪][泪] Even one less makes this not Running Man!

[+107] Why?!?!?!?!

[+57] The hell the hell the hell the hell!! I’m not sleepy all of a sudden! I can’t accept this! Can’t accept this!!!!! Oh my gosh, my heart… I’m going crazy… RM can’t be short on anyone [悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤] I don’t know what to say, my heart hurts


QQ: Official website posts picture of seven, indicating they will respect Gary’s decision

Cnetz react below:

[+217] I’ve watched RM for so long and really can’t bear to give up my brother dog😭

[+160] If RM ever ends one day, I hope brother dog and Song Joongki can come back. At least end how they started

[+144] I’ve been here from the first episode until now, and I feel that the last year or two haven’t been as good as before

[+110] Although I’m quite sad, best wishes for you in pursuing your dreams

[+66] He’s only giving up on variety shows and going back to his roots. There are tons of people who give up on their roots and try to make it in the entertainment circle. Who within the industry would give up to this?

[+12] I know a few Koreans as well and on a whole, I feel that Koreans never forget their original intentions. They are very serious towards everything and know what they’re striving for.

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  • nel

    the show is on a downfall in korea. I think it would’ve been canceled already if SBS wasn’t getting millions from China tbh