Fan Bingbing is told to leave when promoting “I am Not Madame Bovary”

QQ:  Told to leave when promoting new film? Fan Bingbing responds “nothing’s wrong, I’m quite alright”


A Weibo post earlier today alleges that Fan Bingbing was told to get off the stage when promoting her new film “I am Not Madame Bovary”.

The Weibo post read:

I watched “I am Not Madame Bovary” yesterday, what a good film! I was invited to [college name] yesterday to help with their press event, so of course  I went. However, for some reason, someone came to say that Fan Bingbing had to get off the stage now. The atmosphere was quite good at that time as the students were very well behaved and had high participation. Fan Bingbing was also responding to questions quite sincerely, so I couldn’t think of any reason why she couldn’t be on the stage, interacting with audience members! Apparently they said that if Fan Bingbing doesn’t leave, the electricity for the venue would be shut off! How absurd! What a violent move. The event ended abruptly not long after that. As a local, I really don’t know what to say. I can only express my apologies to Fan Bingbing and tell everyone to go watch the movie! Reality was made into a movie, and only then do we know that we live in a fantasy.”

Fan Bingbing then posted on Weibo (above) that “No worries! All is well! Everyone has worked hard, I’m almost home!”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+20,077] I don’t understand why they’re targeting Bingbing. If movies aren’t allowed to promote within the campus, then this kind of event shouldn’t have been planned in the first place. But she came, and was told to leave very rudely. I do think that this is inappropriate. I’m not anyone’s fan, but feel that the school should have handled this better. I hope Bingbing wasn’t affected.

[+16,288] What happens in a college is education, why are you letting that kind of trash movie promote in a name brad school? They need education of positive energy, not breasts and Madame Bovary. If you’re the parents, would you want your children to learn more knowledge or do you want this kind of movie to come to your school? Not to mention the actresses’ reputation isn’t the best.

[+10,311] Trying to media play for the movie now, take a break. Someone with a face full of heavy makeup and a car full of men doesn’t need to be written about everyday. Write about something positive. Whoever told her to leave, I salute you! The country needs more positive energy.

Don’t flaunt your chest if you’re going to come to a college

[+9,574] If you’re not going to allow someone on stage then don’t have them come. You let them come and then don’t let them go on stage. Shouldn’t there be an explanation for this?

[+5,181] As long as it’s something she’s participated in, no matter what role, I won’t go to buy any tickets

[+4,513] A pretty face is just a pretty face in the end. True talent is needed for acting. A school is a pure place

[+4,421] Fan Bingbing always has a lot of things happening to her, I wouldn’t believe this isn’t media play if you told me! She happens to have a movie being released soon a d now this happens to her. Li Chen then immediately comforts her, how is this not media play?

[+3,482] It’s said that her acting skills are ordinary, and she made it to her current place by taking her clothes off…

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