Jay Chou and Hannah take a selfie with Orlando Bloom

Weibo: Picture of the century, Jay Chou with Orlando Bloom! Fans go crazy over Hannah in the middle


Hannah Quinlivan has been hard at work filming “SMART Chase: Fire & Earth” lately. This film brings her to partner with Orlando Bloom.
– They have many cool looking fight scenes, and although Jay Chou is incredibly busy with work, he still often visits the film set
– Orlando Bloom recently posted a picture of the three of them, stunning fans all over
– Orlando Bloom mentioned that it was great working with Hannah, and that he’d met Jay Chou as a result. The two of them were a great couple together

Some fans laughed and said, “I’m seeing a ghost! To think that I’d see the two of them in the same picture!”
– Other fans laugh that the two male celebrities look more like a couple in the picture, and that Hannah is the one coming between them
– Not only does the two star in this movie, but Simon Yam, Wu Lei, Lynn Hung, and Yu Xing will be appearing as well


ETToday: Hannah doesn’t let Jay see her English script! The reason makes everyone laugh

During the press event for “SMART Chase: Fire & Earth”, Hannah laughed and said that, “The script is in English, so Jay doesn’t need to read it.”
– Her reason was that it would be difficult for him to read the whole thing
– Many fans were delighted by the couple’s cute interaction after seeing this and asked “is it alright to speak this candidly?”

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