William Chan saves a grandma from falling at airport

QQ: Cnetz say William Chan is good looking and kind as he saves grandma from falling in airport


William Chan was surrounded by fans in Beijing’s airport when he suddenly saw an old grandma start to fall.
– He was wearing a red hoodie jacket and white earphones on his head. He’d been walking forward with sunglasses on his head and staff was maintaining order on the sides when he suddenly saw an old grandma on a cane start to fall
– He immediately circled past his staff members and reached out helping hands, only letting go of her when he was certain she’d found her footing again
– Fans filmed the entire encounter and it’s been shared wildly online

Fans have said that William Chan is simply too wonderful, that “he went to help in the first instance”, “his demeanor and good breeding are evident from every motion”.
– Fans also said that their idol was a warm guy, and that he’s “good looking and kind!”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,496] Ai, what can I say? It’s good that people are nice, but the most important thing is that he can afford to give a helping hand and we can’t

[+1,253] I remember the Hong Kong media was giving him a tough time at the airport once. The journalist only focused on asking him questions and didn’t look to see where ehe was going. He almost fell down and William Chan also reached out a hand to remind the journalist to be careful. It was his most immediate, subconscious reaction. It shows that his personality is quite alright.

[+779] It’s so nice being a celebrity. Fans will film them doing good things even if they don’t film themselves…

[+668] This matter is indeed spreading out positive energy, have a 👍!

[+463] Super handsome William Chan! So full of positive energy!

[+237] Whether or not someone is a celebrity, it’s worth sharing if they are kind

[+203] I can only say that William Chan is truly rich, and doesn’t lack money

[+64] I once saw him at an airport, and he kept telling fans to be careful and was extremely sweet. I never noticed him before, but since Mystic Nine, I’ve felt that he and Lay are quite good

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  • nel

    King of kindness

  • LaiaRozen

    [+2,496] Ai, what can I say? It’s good that people are nice, but the most important thing is that he can afford to give a helping hand and we can’t

    I’m confused. What are they talking about, being able to afford a helping hand? There’s no money involved in helping someone up. o.o

    • cpoplove

      I think this is in reference to the cynical side of human nature. Sometimes you get sued if you try to be a good Samaritan and you accidentally end up injuring the person you were trying to help. That results in a lawsuit. They’re saying that William Chan can afford to run that risk, but ordinary people can’t.

      • LaiaRozen

        Thanks for the reply! But omg, ppl in China sue for that?! So the guy is saying that if he helped the old lady up, there’s a chance she would take him to court? Is that a thing ppl do to each other over there?!

        On the other hand, there’s no way a case like that would hold up in court right? The Chinese legal system isn’t great but it can’t be that screwed up can it?

        • cpoplove

          If you end up injuring the person, they might say you were the one who hurt them.

  • Qiyue

    awwwww, He’s so sweet!~ Everything about him is just so wonderful! 😀