Popu Lady’s Hongshi almost gets into fatal accident in taxi

ET Today: Driver so tired that car starts weaving, Hongshi saves her life with this trick!


Taiwanese idol group Popu Lady member Hongshi is rising to popularity due to her work in music and hosting.
– However, on her way to work recently, she was greatly frightened when the driver fell asleep and started weaving in and out of the road

She originally wanted to take a nap in the car, but the cars behind her honking at her taxi prevented her from doing so.
– She thought the driver was distracted because he was thinking of something, but the car actually started decreasing in speed and start driving in a S shape
– The driver almost crashed into a car as well, so she hastily woke him up and gave him a minty candy that would wake him up
– She then reminded him to go home and rest before something dangerous happened

Fans were greatly alarmed and screamed that “this was too frightening!” and “glad you didn’t fall asleep as well”.
– They also wanted Hongshi to take better care of herself as well

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