Show Lo appears as Beauty Lo in “What’s Wrong” and sweeps middle aged lady fans

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Show Lo recently cross dressed as Beauty Lo for song “What’s Wrong”.

I heard friends tell me today that Beauty Lo’s song can now be heard in parks all over! I was quite happy to hear that! Thank you to everyone’s support of Beauty Lo! The dance version of this song will be released in a few days! The moms who want to learn this dance and friends who like Beauty Lo, please stay tuned!


Netizens react below:

[+5,175] Farewell Show Lo, only Beauty Lo exists in this world [拜拜]

[+2,817] Show Lo looks good as a guy and a girl, he’s unique in the entertainment industry… like me if you agree!

[+789] I really envy those who like Show Lo. After all, those as normal as me aren’t that many to be found [doge]

[+752] Ever since young, my attention hasn’t been on the flag during the flag raising ceremony, but to see if the flag was the tip of the pole at the end of the song…

[+252] Beauty Lo, you’ve been my first goddesses since small[摊手]

[+207] Lol I wanna learn this. When we learn this, I’ll film it and show it to you [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

[+123] Why do more and more people like Show Lo? I’ve had enough! I can’t bear this anymore! Do you think he looks good? Do you think he sings well? Do you think he has a great body? Do you think his works are great? Do you think he treats his fans well? Good, then I’ll tell you! I think so too!!

[+48] You win

Beauty Lo’s “What’s Wrong!” MV.

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  • nel

    When is he ever not cross dressing 😂