TFBoys’ ‘Karry’ Wang Junkai shocks fans as he dresses as a beautiful girl

Weibo:聽Wang Junkai’s official Weibo


TFBoys’聽Wang Junkai recently stunned fans with his beautiful appearance as a girl for Halloween.

Cold joke of the day: One day, the pretty girl found herself to be too imposing and so dressed up as a little princess.聽馃檲


Netizens react below:

[+7,173] I have another goddess to worship now. These looks are heaven defying聽[蹇僝[蹇僝

[+5,992] Little Kai聽[doge][doge]聽a current A-list female star

[+3,508] Oh… my god….

[+2,115] You defy the heavens聽[蹇僝[蹇僝[蹇僝

[+2,042] Kaikai[doge][doge][doge][doge][doge][鐧界溂][鐧界溂][鐧界溂][鐧界溂][鐧界溂][鐧界溂]

[+2,009] I wanted to marry you as my hubby before, now I want to take you for my wife[鑸斿睆][鑸斿睆][鑸斿睆]

[+1,226] What’s up, who isn’t a princess these days?

[+946] Little princess, I can make cakes for you and give you candy. I hope my princess is happy for the rest of her life

[+831] Only through the聽paths of yesterday made from memories and accumulated footsteps does one make it to the other end of the shore. Causes and effects are recorded in the process. You were strong once and took a step forward into the public’s eyes. It’s because you once fought for this that you shine now. You weathered experiences in life, which allows you to shake off your shackles and continue to grow. Thank you for being so strong three years ago so that I can see the radiance you’re giving off today.

[+736] Oh my gosh, you look so pretty!!!!!!!!

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  • LunaToown

    lol pretty indeed… but why coplaying a women for halloween… shotacon much

    • i think all of the TFboys members cross dressed lol