Weibo is eagerly anticipating Lay’s “Lose Control” MV

Weibo: Lay’s official Weibo


#LayLoseControl is currently trending at #2 hottest topic on Weibo, with over 390 million posts to date. Lay’s official Weibo posted the above with regards to the MV teaser:

The title track from the first mini album “Lose Control” will dual premiere between China and Korea on Oct. 26 at midnight.


Cnetz react below: 

[+410] I’m going to lose control too!!!

[+403] [心][心][心][心] Ahahahahahhahhhhh!! Too handsome!

[+302] I’m totally out of control [躁狂症][躁狂症][躁狂症][躁狂症]

[+263] Totally out of control! Can’t wait for the full version on the 28th!!

[+133] I’ve already lost control! [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

[+110] We anticipate your awesome music in 48 hours [心]

[+64] So excited! (≧▽≦)/

[+60] Ahh!! I’ve already lost control!

[+46] Vote me up! I want the staff to see my comment! [爱你][爱你]

[+36] I’m so scared that there will be moments that I can’t accept in the MV 

[+29] I hope the staff in charge of the official account will tell your boss that Lay fans will not even eat in order to support him. I hope he has more confidence. His songs sound really good. Everything you have is something you’ve created yourself. …from a nuna fan who really likes you [嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

[+14] Why is my idol so awesome, so damn awesome? Sigh!

The teaser for Lay’s new MV, “Lose Control”.

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  • L.A_21

    I got shocked at first when it’s 390 million posts are made when article of Lay having a debut was made but then I realized this is China with 1 Billion people, 390 million is not even half of it’s population but I still got amazed always. lol

    Anyway, I highly anticipate Yi Xing-ah solo debut and also EXO 1st unit debut EXO-CBX. As an EXO fan, I know my timeline in November will be full of EXO but hey I am not complaining about it. XD

    • cpoplove

      Right there with you, I was shocked too and actually wrote the number out to make sure I’d translated it properly. XD

      • L.A_21

        Right. I’m still shocked knowing that there are actually countries with billion people. XD My country population is only 1/10 of that. lol

  • LunaToown

    this give me a combination of mirotic and vampire vibes

  • His album has 200k preorders so far. Hilarious to me that SM produced only 80k copies and completely underestimated him.. Seems like his sales as a solo act will blow their minds lol

    • L.A_21

      SM is always underestimating their solo artists. lol Just like how they underestimate the album of Tiffany & Taeyeon and produce only few copies.

  • hizurisama

    lol at SM’s attempt at promoting Lay, they must be pressed knowing Krishantao hit it big in China, but that’s okay, get those yuan Lay!

    • Wyvernet

      I don’t understand what your comment means.

  • Barabessa

    after listen to that song lay voice isn’t really good and those hiptrust so cringy… the mv visual was good but nothing original…