The sad reason for Zheng Shuang always lying down

QQ: Always criticized for lying down, here is the sad reason…


7 years since her debut, Zheng Shuang’s popularity has skyrocketed after filming “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” with Yang Yang.
– However, netizens often criticize her because she’s always seen lying down when filming varieties or on drama sets

Zheng Shuang always gives others a positive and strong image, but is always lying down or resting in between filming.
– This is because her waist was once injured during dance lessons, and chronic pain over a long period of work has damaged her waist muscles
– However, she never complains when filming dramas, even when filming capital punishment or forced to kneel hours on end

Hawick Lau also once shared that when they were filming a period drama together, they would always have to bow or kneel on the ground whenever they saw an official.
– “She always insisted on doing it and never said she was in pain”
– His heart always ached to see her kneel on the side of the road afterwards


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+6,447] I personally think she’s a direct and kind girl. I hope she can find someone who truly wants to protect her

[+1,665] Some haters are going to hate no matter what you do. They ignore everything you’ve done, these kind of idiots are the worst

[+1,171] Her dramas are really not that great to watch. I once watch a bit of one and couldn’t continue

[+1,013] She’s talked about this many times and I sympathize with her, but the journalist writes about her everyday. Enough, don’t write anything unless you have something worth reporting

[+745] Don’t film if your waist hurts, why do that to yourself? Regardless of her health, I’ve never watched a single one of her dramas. It’s not that I hate her, I just have no feelings about her

[+367] 😒😒😒 Is she joking? The amount of money she gets from one drama is something all of you wouldn’t be able to earn in a lifetime. Instead of wasting time feeling bad for celebrities, feel bad for your own wallets first.

[+362] She has no expression on her face when she acts. I haven’t followed anyone in the longest time. I don’t hate her, but for some reason she disgusts me

[+287] I’ve never watched her dramas and don’t want to. I don’t have any particular feelings about her, but stop reporting about her. This is irritating. Someone’s definitely paying the journalists off in the back. A sponsor again?

[+238] Haha, trying to give yourself a better image when you act out on variety shows, why don’t you try that act on someone else? Zheng Shuang disgusts me. Doesn’t act well and just media plays everyday

[+231] She’s always putting on an act and releasing news that she’s either too skinny, or just got dumped, and then plays the innocent party

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  • Qiyue

    I read the first 2 comments and was like yay positive comments!!! 😀 and the it turned negative and I was like “why?!” T^T
    anyways hope she takes care of herself, gets enough rest, and isn’t in too much pain.

  • hizurisama

    lol they’re so bitter and pressed it’s pathetic.

    is it permanent damage? Can she recover with therapy or sth?