Song Dongye fires back at haters, saying their wives are comfort women

QQ: Song Dongye posts long post, saying his mother is fine and that haters’ wives are comfort women


Chinese folk singer/songwriter Song Dongye was recently arrested for possession of drugs, and he posted on Weibo on Oct. 25 saying, “I apologize to my parents, my wife, my friends and family, my company, and those who once believed me and supported me.”
– He also promised to never again touch any drugs

Song Dongye posted an extensive essay on the 26th, saying that although he may not be a straightforward guy, but he had some things to say.
– He expressed that being in jail for the past ten days and all the criticisms he’s received pales far in comparison to the severity of what he’s done, and can’t make up for the unhealthy influence he’s brought
– However, it’s also enabled him to look at the reality of this world with clearer eyes, and these are things that weed and music an’t bring him
– Song Dongye further expressed that, “I was wrong and own up to it. I’m not asking for any forgiveness. Some people want me to back out of the entertainment industry, that is perfectly fine as well”
– He also thanked the friends and family sticking by his side

Finally, he seemed to write something in return to haters, saying, “My mother is fine, your mom is the one who will die early. My wife is just great, your wives are the comfort women. My friends will all be fine, your friends will be the ones who die from doing too much drugs.”


Cnetz react below: 

[+4,765] Comfort women are a product of war and victims as well. What is he thinking in using them as an insult? Even if he wanted to use their original words, this really shows lack of thinking

[+4,285] Comfort women were the victims of war, and a shameful part of our history that no Chinese can forget. Those innocent women and children once ravaged by Japan, you can curse at your haters but please don’t insult these people. You make yourself appear quite stupid and ignorant

[+2,237] Although it’s bad that someone cursed at you like this, I can’t bear to read you curse at someone else’s mother and friends like this. You’re a public figure after all. Although I don’t know you, this cheapens you to curse at someone like that

[+1,609] These people are sick! Curse at each other if you have to, why do you have to bring people’s wives and mothers into this? They haven’t offended you

[+1,198] Comfort women indicates a type of person, and he uses it as an insult! This is grave disrespect to the victims of history

[+1,186] The hell, you were the one doing drugs and you condemn other people for doing drugs. Something’s wrong with your brain

[+1,002] It’s alright to curse at Song Dongye for doing drugs because he didn’t set a good example as a public figure, but why drag other people’s friends and family into this?

[+798] I’m pissed when he said other people’s moms are comfort women. How bad off are comfort women, and you have to use that as an insult? Do singers not have any brains?

[+554] Comfort women are unlucky enough with tragic destinies. How dare you use this as an insult? You’re the freaking mutt

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  • LostRambler

    Yeah… i dont think political correctness exists for some people tbh

  • Nel

    How insensitive and ignorant.. Using war victims as an insult.. Can’t be defended.