Wang Kai makes hearts flutter in “When a Snail Falls in Love”

Weibo: When a Snail Falls in Love


The official account of “When a Snail Falls in Love” shared pictures earlier today of Wang Kai’s shower scene.

Let’s share a picture of my brother in the shower, and him stepping out of the shower. I took this from a bystander’s angle and tried to protect fan benefits, even through taking high risks!


Netizens weigh in below:

[+510] Move the camera down! Move the camera down! [崩溃][崩溃][崩溃][崩溃][崩溃]

[+135] It’s very apparent where the tan lines on his arm are… am I focusing on the wrong thing?

[+82] The camera needs to move down [怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂]

[+24] Ahhhhhh!! Who am I where am I?!?!?!

[+18] I have to give this a bad rating! There’s not enough sincerity in this scene! Who gets out of their shower with clothes on and dry hair? It should at least be a towel around his lower body, naked upper, and wet hair?? Where’s the rationality in this?

[+16] I’ve discovered a huge, huge bunch of wolves sparkling with green light rushing over! Be careful!

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  • L.A_21

    lol the cnetz are so funny. The thirst is really real on this one. hahaha

  • QAS

    OMG! I missed this scene. Which episode?