William Chan participates in “Hello! Goddess” graduation

QQ: William Chan comes to visit, turns into a warm guy to fulfill ladies’ dreams


Since Huang Jingyu, Joe Xu, Song Xiaobao and other male gods have visited the set of “Hello! Goddess”, all around entertainer William Chan was the next person to visit the castle.
– He shrugged off his aloofly arrogant image in dramas to turn into a warm guy that accompanied the ladies through their graduation

“Hello! Goddess” is a variety show that followed the 49 days of training of 9 girls after they entered the castle.
– Apart from training, they undertook tests of wisdom, courage, visuals, common sense, acting, and love
– They all had wishes that they hoped William Chan would help fulfill
– William Chan also participated in their segment of picking the most popular lady after 49 days of filming, as each of the ladies streamed themselves live performing online in a bid to gain more votes
– When one of them was at the bottom, William showed off his warm side and helped her adjust her microphone and taught her the best way to breath and sing then
– Thanks to his efforts, her votes started rising immediately

After seeing their wishes, William Chan also confessed to a childhood dream of his — becoming Aaron Kwok’s concert guest.
– “People always have some sort of dream involving their idols, I did too.”
– In order to fulfill the ladies’ wishes, William Chan prepared candlelit dinners, took them back to school, and played a game of basketball with him
– He showed up
– He said that he didn’t know how to play basketball, but shot a perfect 3 pointer not long after taking the field



Ifensi: William Chan sings soulfully for “Hello! Goddess”

William Chan showed up in a dark red suit and patiently served the nine ladies, pouring wine, setting up settings, and preparing water for those who didn’t drink.
– The ladies remarked that, “He’s so gentle and so sweet, I like him more and more! His smile is so killer!”
– William Chan sang a duet with Li Yuan, his charismatic voice slaying all those present

The ladies asked if he “would feel awkward or caught when filming.”
– William Chan responded seriously that if “I feel awkward or make a mistake due to laughing, then I would think about the staff present. If I delay things, that means everyone goes home later.”
– Netizens sighed that “if only I could bump into such good colleagues! How much time and effort would that save me?”
– His professionalism has won him a good image in the hearts of audiences!

Faye Jiang won the title of Ms. Popular after the ladies had spent 49 days in the castle as her votes during the last live stream were the highest.
– She thanked the show, “I really thank everyone for giving us the chance to come here. No matter what, I hope everyone sings and dances their heart out without caring about what others think.”

The ladies became a bit somber after returning to their rooms as they were about to leave the castle.
– Everyone wanted to take all the fan gifts, with one of them trying to take the nameplates off the door as a momento
– The ladies will be holding their debut stage on Nov. 1 in Beijing

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  • Qiyue

    lol @ his aloofy arrogant image” in dramas XD I never really saw that lol but yes, he seems like such a warm guy! He seems so sweet and lol Idk if I believe that he doesn’t know how to play basketball XD well it seems like he’s just really good at sports!~ I watched the show yesterday, but I had no background on what it was (and was kinda confused since my mandarin is nonexistent) XD good luck on their debut!!