Jike Junyi to work with Disney?

QQ: This disturbance is a bit big! Jike Junyi takes a picture with Disney senior executives


Known for her stunning performances in “Heroes of Remix”, Jike Junyi posted two pictures of her in a recording studio earlier today.
– Her text read, “Disney’s magic lies not only in the happy laughter and chatter of their amusement parks, but the magic of other areas exceeds my expectations…” giving rise to much speculation from netizens
– Many netizens guessed that Jike Junyi is about to work with Disney and left comments that the dark skinned beauty is about to take a huge step towards international fame!


Cnetz comment below:

“That’s amazing! She’s gone from the mountains to Disney.”

“Probably to cooperate with a movie soundtrack, like Pocahontas or something.”

“Each of her performances costs 650K RMB.”

“Supporting Jike Junyi!”

“She sings well, but I don’t really like her.”

“I like Jike Junyi, I hope she sings more!”

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