Joe Chen responds to rumors that she’s living with Wu Lei

QQ: Revealed that she slept with a young fresh meat, Joe Chen responds that only idiots would believe it


Joe Chen and Wu Lei.


Joe Chen is riding a wave of popularity lately, but was hit with a rumor that she had been living with Wu Lei for about a year.
– Wu Lei is 21 years younger than her, and this rumor vaulted her to the top of the Weibo rankings
– Netizens started hating on her, but she responded, “Only idiots would believe this”

A rumor has been circulating since beginning of 2016 that a 30 some year old Taiwanese female celebrity had slept with a young fresh meat, and that the 21 of them were 21 years apart.
– The female celebrity grew popular thanks to some dramas lately
– All of these clues pointed to 37 year old Joe Chen and 17 year old Wu Lei as the persons in question

Joe Chen posted pictures on Weibo lately and wrote, “The years to come are long, we must be kind.”
– However, some haters left comments that “if you’re so kind, why did you sleep with a young fresh meat?”
– Fans rose up in her defense and said that “only idiots would believe these kinds of rumors”
– Joe appeared later on to agree, saying “yeah~ only idiots would believe this. Well said, hahaha”


Cnetz comment below: 

[+3,050] No way, this rumor is too fake! Wu Lei is only 17, he’s in high school! He must live with his family when he’s not filming, how could he lived with someone else for about a year. Joe Chen wouldn’t be with a minor!

[+2,160] Who made this rumor up? Do they really not have a brain?

[+849] Joe Joe come sleep with me, I’d be willing to shave a year off my life

[+516] I’d be willing to become that boy for Joe

[+194] Only you guys know if you slept together or not. Besides, what business is it of ours who you sleep with? It’s not like you’re sleeping with me

[+190] There was a rumor before that Wu Lei has been living with someone for a year, but it shouldn’t be Joe Chen if this is real. She’s always liked mature, dependable types. I can tell from her loving Wallace Huo. Those who are saying this about her are idiots

[+163] I believe it! A 37 year old sleeping with an 18 year old is possible, it’s the age of wolf appetites

[+144] There are people who believe such a fake rumor? If it really is Joe Chen, I’d be willing to be the 17 year old

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  • Xiaoshu

    Who made this rumor up? Do they really not have a brain?


  • Lula

    Woah what a weird rumor
    Of is true i like joe chen and its true that now women like younger boys but i dont think so i mean leo is not legal and he always is with his mom so is weird they said leo has a relationship with an older woman o joe chen abd that he os living with her for a year