The cast of “Takes a Real Man 2” get woken up at dawn

QQ: This is what these female stars look like after they’re woken up at dawn, do you recognize the last female celebrity?


Sun Yang looked deep in thought.


Jiang Jinfu looked extremely cute.


Tao didn’t look any different than usual.17992723_1200x1000_0

Zhang Lanxin had extremely big eyes for waking up at dawn.


Tong Liya when summoned at dawn.


Do you recognize this female celebrity?


Apart from some oil on her face, Yang Mi looked quite well for waking up at dawn.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+20,975] Why does Shen Mengchen look darker than the soldiers?

[+16,247] Yang Mi is too ugly

[+14,404] They’re not ugly at all, stop criticizing people day in and day out

[+11,009] Tong Liya is the prettiest, Shen Mengchen is the ugliest

[+6,360] This show is an insult to our army

[+3,069] Yang Mi and Shen Mengchen both changed

[+2,378] To be honest, a certain one of them looks worse than my wife without makeup on

“They’re all very pretty already. They were in the sun for an entire day and worked hard all day. Think about it, if you were woken up in the middle of the night, how would you appear? I think they look beautiful without makeup on. At least they look better than you, look at yourself in the mirror when you wake up at night.”

“Makeup really changes a person as long as your features aren’t distorted.”

“Stop criticizing the celebrities all the time, everyone has their pretty and ugly side. Those who are sharing their selfies and think they look prettier than the female celebrities, can you sing, act, and host like them? I’m not biased towards anyone, but just think that it’s difficult being a celebrity. Everyone should respect each other.”

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