[Updated] Celebrities have fun on Weibo on Halloween

Source: Various assorted official Weibo


#angelababy looks so cute in pigtails!

[+52] Wang Junkai is too cute, not scary at all [笑cry][摊手][摊手]

[+33] I want to confess my love to baby! So cute!! 

[+22] [亲亲][亲亲][亲亲]Love love love!

[+11] Why do we celebrate this holiday!!

[+5] [心][心][心]


Shiou Jiekai’s Weibo: Time to go out and get candy on Halloween! #baby, do you think no one will recognize you dressed up as a pumpkin?

[+61] Handsome daddy, your axe is kind of cool [笑cry]

[+15] What an adorable family [心][心]

[+9] Super cute big eyed baby bubu[心][心]

[+3] So darn cute!

[+1] My heart is melting again, bubu looks so good in front of the camera [爱你][爱你][爱你]



Della’s Weibo: Tonight… wait for me to come find you

[+11] (commenter left personal address) Waiting for you [爱你]

[+10] Met you for the first time today, I really like you!

[+3] Hurry and come!! I’m waiting for you in Tianjin! [哈哈][哈哈]

[+1] I hope you hold a concert in Shijiazhuan one day [可爱][可爱] I like you~~



Jiro Wang’s Weibo: What is everyone doing on this Halloween weekend! I can only spend my weekend on set working. Everyone photoshop this picture for me!


[+133] Bro, this is the best I can do

[+27] Best I could do

[+21] Jiro you’re super good looking

[+4] Jiro you’ve got a strong heart, asking netizens to photoshop you? Aren’t you worried that we’ll ruin you? [笑cry][doge]

[+3] Jiro likes to cosplay?

[+2] I came here after watching “A Mischievous Kiss”. I like everyone in it!

[+1] Jiro, we don’t celebrate this in China [doge]



Christy Chung’s Weibo

[+22] Sweet sweet family [心][心][心][心]

[+6] Where’s your eldest daughter?

[+4] Good morning, what a happy family

[+4] Happy Halloween to your family.I’d like to learn from you,you all look cool as if you were in a super scary movie[赞][赞][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

[+2] You people in the cities have too much fun 

[+2] I think my goddess is fantastic, Zhang Lunshuo is fantastic! Cayla is wonderful! [爱你][爱你][爱你]


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 Michelle Chen shared a picture of herself with no makeup on.
[+3,466] Prettier day by day~ but why can’t you eat cake? There are many pregnant women coming to buy cakes from my shop
[+2,801] Her happiness has come from the depths of her heart since she’s gotten married, she’s getting prettier and prettier. Be happy!
[+2,157] The most beautiful bare face 🌹🌹🌹
[+718] I’ve heard that when mothers become prettier when they’re pregnant, they’ll give birth to a girl. If not, then a boy